DDA handrail systems: keeping your premises safe, compliant & accessible.

Why do I need to install a DDA handrail system?

Introduced to protect people with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere, DDA legislation is exacting – and not all handrails tick the boxes. By law, all UK commercial and public buildings must provide handrails on stairways and ramps, with strict specifications on height, clearance, shape, texture, temperature and even appearance

How do DDA handrail systems work?

The beauty of our DDA handrail systems is the simplicity. Using a wide range of DDA-compliant connectors and custom-cut lengths of metal rail, it’s easy for Ezi Klamp’s experts to design a DDA key clamp handrail system that’s made-to-measure for your premises. Even better, when it comes to assembly, you won’t need to shut your premises, hire a welder or arrange a hot works permit – all it takes to tighten the fittings of your DDA handrail system is a standard Allen key.