Rooftop Walkways

Dukmat walkways and edge strips

Don't let extreme weather or tricky rooftops stop your maintenance work. Invest in one of our walkway systems for a secure, simple solution.

Ensure the safety and integrity of your rooftop with our revolutionary non-penetrative, easy-to-install walkway system. Designed for PVC, GRP, bitumen, and coated steel roofs, this robust solution can be swiftly unrolled and laid out without the need for any fixings, making installation a breeze. Remarkably, it stays secure even in the face of gale-force winds, providing a reliable, slip-resistant path for maintenance activities across a wide temperature range from -23°C to 60°C. Protect your roof and your workers while maintaining easy access in any weather conditions with our cutting-edge walkway system.

Aluminium walkways

these systems are commonly installed in the following sectors: Residential, Industrial, Offices, Retail, hotel / Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Utilities

Our Aluminium walkways are lightweight, corrosion free, long lasting solutions for all roof access requirements.

Our walkways are 100% recyclable, making it environmentally friendly as well as extremely strong and robust.

  • Collective measure with handrails and toe boards
  • Can be used in conjunction with a cable or track system in restraint or fall arrest
  • Lightweight, extremely strong and robust
  • Can be fitted to all roof surface types
  • Non-slip tread design – providing all weather access
  • Can be either anodised or paint powder coat finished